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LeapPad Explorer 1st Grade Mobile Learning Center

LeapPad Explorer Learning System

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Product Description

The new LeapPad Explorer learning tablet ushers in the next generation of learning, digital reading and personal creativity.

LeapPad Explorer is a personalized learning tablet for PreK and elementary school classrooms that features a broad curriculum encompassing reading, writing, math, science and life skills. Skill levels adjust automatically to each child's pace as they navigate the learning content. Complementing the curriculum are stimulating creativity apps, innovative and immersive reading apps and a built-in camera, video recorder and microphone. The LeapPad Explorer Mobile Learning Center is a robust and engaging supplement to any reading, language arts, science or math curriculum and supports multiple learning modalities. It enables teachers to create hands-on, technology-based centers for independent and small group work.

The LeapPad Explorer supports differentiated instruction in mixed ability classrooms by offering an accessible and engaging learning technology that motivates students to achieve. A student that is motivated and engaged in the learning process and allowed to progress at his own pace is a student that experiences academic success!

The LeapPad Explorer Mobile Learning Center for Grade 1 includes the following:

  • 5 LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablets
  • 5 Carrying cases
  • 5 AC adapters
  • 5 Headphones
  • 5 x 5 grade-level learning cartridges (25 total)

Included capabilities & learning content

  • Built-in camera, video recorder & microphone
Four included learning apps:
  • Art Studio App: Teaches creative expression.
  • Story Studio App: Lets students create stories with their photos, artwork, writing and voice recordings. Teaches creative expression.
  • Letter Writing Practice App: Teaches letter writing.
  • One additional downloadable app: Teachers choose from among available eBooks, educational videos and learning games.
  • Additional included learning apps ($100 value): Lets teachers download grade-level curriculum content by choosing from among downloadable e-books, educational videos, and additional learning games - free for teachers only with the purchase of a 5-pack classroom kit or a Mobile Learning Center!

Cross-curricular learning cartridges

5 x 5 interactive grade-level learning games (total of 25 cartridges):
  • 2 Language Arts titles (LeapSchool™ Reading; Disney Pixar Toy Story 3)
  • 2 Math titles (NFLRush Zone; Scooby-Doo! Pirate Ghost of the Barbary Coast)
  • 1 Science title (Digging for Dinosaurs)


  • Publisher: LeapFrog.
  • Format:  LeapPad Explorer Learning System
    5 LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablets, 5 Carrying cases, 5 AC adapters, 5 Headphones, 5 x 5 grade-level learning cartridges (25 total), additional included learning content
  • Age Range: Grade 1 (6 yrs.)
  • Follett Number: 0038UY4
  • Manufacturer Part Number: L4089
  • Language: English

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